October thru January 16th 2018: The Condensed Version?

SO, here it goes. I have done  a million things since I've blogged. I saw snow, I got to heavily help and be involved with CBM's yearly auction where we made over $33,000 dollars (!!!!). I got the privilege of organizing the other interns to go out into different towns and cities in the area... Continue Reading →

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Locked Cars and A Lot to Share

I said I'd be blogging s much as I could and it's been 20 days. I am sorry. I never dreamed I'd find an internship that always keeps me on my toes even in downtime. I am so happy to be here it's ridiculous. I wouldn't change a thing. I can't believe I've already been... Continue Reading →

Hatred? Why??

"...Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34-35) Politics have never been my strong suit due to lack of interest. I hated government in school because I found the rules to be... Continue Reading →

I Learned

A year ago, I officially backed out of my college plans, got accepted into an internship in Virginia, packed up and moved all under two weeks. Do I regret doing this? Not at all. I am happy that I learned the things I did there. I learned that living on your own is hard but... Continue Reading →

Caught a Case of Bore

I've always struggled with three things: loneliness, an epic case of annoyance with the human kind and boredom. Today we'll talk about boredom though because I'm pretty sure if you've been following along with this blog that you've come to recognize how annoyed I am with people and also the fact that I hate being... Continue Reading →

Flesh Walkers

This morning, I'm going to discuss flesh walkers. I can't lie and say that I've always liked the beings that walk the earth and that happen to live life around me because lying is wrong and, like a huge portion of other flesh covered walkers, I begrudgingly share the quality of immense annoyance with being... Continue Reading →

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