Almond Joy

Matthew came to the internship much later than everyone else which was actually pretty hysterical since he lived in Richmond. Us single interns patiently waited in the boys apartment awkwardly trying to make conversation (awkward because we had all just met). I secretly already knew what Matthew looked like since I had stalked his Facebook.... Continue Reading →

Risky Business that is Life

Being home in Florida has made me appreciate life in general but it's also made me realize things. I went to my best friends wedding last month and I cried the entire ceremony. It made me realize that everyone around me is growing old too fast. I find myself meeting with people I grew up... Continue Reading →


I wouldn't describe myself as an especially scared person, but I also think that I might be stupidly courageous at times. The risks I have taken in life have turned out for the best after all, but I should have been scared and when I look back, I often wonder why I hadn't run for... Continue Reading →

Saying Goodbye to My Kat and My Sam

  I've never been great with goodbyes. I actually dread them like most people do. Some humans I don't care enough to cry about them just because my relationship wasn't deep and long. Saying goodbye is harder when you get to know someone so well because you're around them so much. Friday morning, the interns... Continue Reading →

Fluffy Bread Inc.

I know this is late, but forgive me. Three weeks ago, we had our business as mission class. As many of you know, World Horizons specializes in BAM (Business As Mission). We have art galleries, dance schools, sailing schools and many, many more spread out all over. With these businesses, we're able to employ locals,... Continue Reading →

Almost There

My days of being a Hillside intern are coming to a close in 20 days. Comparing myself to the old me 9 months ago is crazy because I'm a totally different person. I looked in the mirror this morning and was shocked by how much older I appear.  On top of looking different, I feel... Continue Reading →

Lover Boyyyy

Lately, I've had love on the brain. I can't even lie and say I don't think about love because anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to love, I'm the first one there. The reason love has been on my brain is because of several debates I've had with friends lately. And, I'm... Continue Reading →

Chef Kalaya

So last week, I was given the assignment of cooking for the office for under $8 and was told that it needed to satisfy 33% of the USDA requirement for protein and also contain a vegetable and then serve it for lunch on Monday. Upon receiving these instructions, I procrastinated for several days. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Leader 101

Before I came to this internship, I was a leader. I knew what I was doing, I had ideas and a voice that people listened to. I was a leader simply because I made wise decisions in a circle of friends that made not so wise ones. Since I’ve been here, I have only felt... Continue Reading →

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