Congratulations [feat. Kalaya]

So, I am off on yet another adventure. Hillside was certainly an experience and I am grateful for the things I learned from all of them. I will not forget what happened there or any of the people I met and will always love them to bits, but I am going to stick to what... Continue Reading →


Hatred? Why??

"...Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34-35) Politics have never been my strong suit due to lack of interest. I hated government in school because I found the rules to be... Continue Reading →

I Learned

A year ago, I officially backed out of my college plans, got accepted into an internship in Virginia, packed up and moved all under two weeks. Do I regret doing this? Not at all. I am happy that I learned the things I did there. I learned that living on your own is hard but... Continue Reading →

Caught a Case of Bore

I've always struggled with three things: loneliness, an epic case of annoyance with the human kind and boredom. Today we'll talk about boredom though because I'm pretty sure if you've been following along with this blog that you've come to recognize how annoyed I am with people and also the fact that I hate being... Continue Reading →

Flesh Walkers

This morning, I'm going to discuss flesh walkers. I can't lie and say that I've always liked the beings that walk the earth and that happen to live life around me because lying is wrong and, like a huge portion of other flesh covered walkers, I begrudgingly share the quality of immense annoyance with being... Continue Reading →

Almond Joy

Matthew came to the internship much later than everyone else which was actually pretty hysterical since he lived in Richmond. Us single interns patiently waited in the boys apartment awkwardly trying to make conversation (awkward because we had all just met). I secretly already knew what Matthew looked like since I had stalked his Facebook.... Continue Reading →

Risky Business that is Life

Being home in Florida has made me appreciate life in general but it's also made me realize things. I went to my best friends wedding last month and I cried the entire ceremony. It made me realize that everyone around me is growing old too fast. I find myself meeting with people I grew up... Continue Reading →


I wouldn't describe myself as an especially scared person, but I also think that I might be stupidly courageous at times. The risks I have taken in life have turned out for the best after all, but I should have been scared and when I look back, I often wonder why I hadn't run for... Continue Reading →

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