Saying Goodbye to My Kat and My Sam


I’ve never been great with goodbyes. I actually dread them like most people do. Some humans I don’t care enough to cry about them just because my relationship wasn’t deep and long. Saying goodbye is harder when you get to know someone so well because you’re around them so much.

Friday morning, the interns and I graduated from the internship. After 9 long months of intense training and office work 40 hours a week, we are quite proud for sticking through with this. It was bitter sweet. I cried a lot before and after, but I cried the most when Kat and Sam left.


Kat (Katlin) was the one person I wondered if I’d ever get long with because we’re different. She’s neat, organized and independent and loves to be alone while me on the other hand? I’m needy, clingy, a complete scatterbrain and a total person who LOVES to be around people at ALL times. It took us being alone for Thanksgiving to really get to know one another and ever since then, we’ve understood one another. I will always love my Kat. Always. I love her goofy personality and her even crazier creative ideas, I love her obsession with skirts and old things that she looks good in. I love the way her eyes light up when she talks about mission work in Asia and Mongolia. I just love her and I’ll miss her like crazy.


And then there’s Samuel. I don’t like crying in front of him and I have several times this year. I never understood why I thought he was short from just a profile picture. I also will never understand how he can aggravate me so much and yet I still laugh at his craziness. Samuel Blooks Parker is the only person I’ve ever met that can make me laugh so hard I can’t breath. Just the thought of him being so far away for a few months right now makes me cry everytime I think about it. It makes me cry a lot. We were deskmates and neighbors for 9 straight months. I temporarily have to say goodbye to his singing and air guitar, his teaching like sessions on Churchhill and Lincoln and our conversations about how beautiful Kris Bryant is and baseball in general, his constant flow of advice and wit. I love him lots and am happy that I won’t be away from him for long (hopefully).

So there yah  have it, I am graduated and I’m happy and sad. (For some reason, a photo of the three of us cannot be found which is bad and needs to be changed)


Fluffy Bread Inc.

I know this is late, but forgive me. Three weeks ago, we had our business as mission class. As many of you know, World Horizons specializes in BAM (Business As Mission). We have art galleries, dance schools, sailing schools and many, many more spread out all over. With these businesses, we’re able to employ locals, plant seeds in the community and eventually lead to church planting. It takes years of course, but it works.

So, the interns have a week long business class with business expert, David Skews and in my opinion a World Horizons legend. He knows how to run a business so naturally, he knew exactly how to teach us some basics. The first day of class, he had us come up with a business we could start overseas. Our mission was by the end of Friday we would have a 10 page presentation breaking down our plan of our businesses financially and everything. My immediate thought for some odd reason was a bakery. David Skews immediately jumped on the idea when I told him over lunch. I like to bake and often do it because my roommates all love cookies. After figuring out where, I settled upon North Africa being the location which I liked because I’ll be there for six months anyway and more research on it wouldn’t hurt.

The bread company was not the best thing though. On Tuesday, right after class, David and I talked about life. It was probably the most encouraging conversation I’ve ever had ad honestly, I really needed to hear it and be reassured on the reasons that I’m here and to pursue things that I want to do in life. The next day, Sam asked to team up with me (NOTE: when he asked, it was early in the morning and I thought the was asking to make bread right then and there. I am often confused in the mornings) ad I happily agreed. You see, I am terrible at math or anything logical. Sam on the other hand flourishes in it, so having him as a business partner for this project was a blessing.

Sam and I spent hours researching everything we could about the bread in North Africa. We added up the costs for the ingredients and rent for a year and supplies to start it off the ground. We even went to the bread store near our apartments and asked him questions. It was an intense project, but I loved it. I loved the challenge and the research.

By the time Friday morning came around, Sam and I were ready. I had prepared bread the night before and was excited about how beautiful and good it looked. I’m not the best speaker in front of audiences, but this time I got it. I didn’t stumble. I just did it. I couldn’t believe it. My knees were shaky the entire time but I did it. And I’m not ashamed to say that I’m proud.

We didn’t win, but it doesn’t matter, our bread company could be very successful. Sam, thanks for being the greatest business partner of all time. David, thank you for your kind words. Since this project, speaking in front of people hasn’t been nearly as hard. I also have made bread several times to perfect it and have become obsessed.

The interns and David Skews!
My “famous” Fluffy Bread

Almost There

My days of being a Hillside intern are coming to a close in 20 days. Comparing myself to the old me 9 months ago is crazy because I’m a totally different person. I looked in the mirror this morning and was shocked by how much older I appear.  On top of looking different, I feel different. I feel capable and less scared of the future, I might not be exactly where I’d like to be in life but I’m approaching my goal quickly. I am not fearful, which is great.

Mainly, I am am reluctant to leave the people I’ve absolutely come to love even if they irritate me at times, it makes me sad to think about not being around them constantly. Especially Kat and Sam. Thinking about the three single interns not being within a hundred feet from one another’s door (or if you’re Kat, right above me on the top bunk) makes my heart ache. I promise to try and not cry when Kat leaves the day of graduation. She’ll be gone on her externship in August and won’t be back until February, so I won’t see her for awhile, which means no late night conversations, life advice, or random tv shows when we should be sleeping. Samuel? Yeah, I’ll miss him, I’ll miss him a lot. Him and all of his political, history lovin’, baseball, talkative self. He thinks my jokes are terrible but that’s ok, but at least all of our conversations and laughter is because we both know that I am the funny one.

I honestly thank God I found this internship. It’s changed my life and has given me some direction. I leave September 20th and I couldn’t be more excited to be involved with Art as Mission in Africa! I look forward to continuing the kingdom of God. This year is going be a big year for me, I can feel it.

Lover Boyyyy

Lately, I’ve had love on the brain. I can’t even lie and say I don’t think about love because anyone knows me knows that when it comes to love, I’m there. The reason love has been on my brain is because of several debates I’ve had with friends lately. And, I’m not talking about the typical sappy “all I see is you in a big crowd of a billion”, it’s more like love through time.

Lately several people have asked me if I think love at first sight is a thing and I’ve told them yes. I don’t really have an answer for that because I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with it. All I’ve seen is infatuation at first sight which may be more realistic. I could name a bunch of people I thought I was in love with but then came to realize a week or, one particular person, years that I actually despised them and they treated me terribly. BUT I know several couples have told me they were in love with first sight or that one of them was and then had to convince the other they were meant to be.

Love at first sight is a thing but it’s nothing compared to love at getting to know someone. As I’ve tried to explain to people my age and younger, you don’t know the concept of love until you know a person. Yes, I’m no expert, but I’ve had numerous amounts of conversations on the topic (don’t judge, I like to know these things). I know that high school romances are often superficial and don’t last long because people change and their often based on dumb meaningless things like popularity or looks or both. I know that I’ve never been in love, not really at least.

It’s easy to convince yourself of being in love. I have ticked off a lot of people because of my ideas on love, but the things I say aren’t meant to hurt. If I’m telling you to drop a guy or girl, it’s because I love you and getting hurt in a relationship SUCKS SUCK SUCKS. Yes, it’s good to learn from mistakes, but if you keep making the exact same mistakes by dating the exact same poisonous bad boy, you’ll grow bitter and hateful and I’ve seen it happen. It’s happened to me.

Opinion post by Kalaya is done. Goodnight.

Chef Kalaya


So last week, I was given the assignment of cooking for the office for under $8 and was told that it needed to satisfy 33% of the USDA requirement for protein and also contain a vegetable and then serve it for lunch on Monday. Upon receiving these instructions, I procrastinated for several days. I didn’t want to do a soup because I thought it’d be too easy for me and unoriginal. So, instead, I googled “cheap, unique stews I can make for cheap” (I used cheap twice to make sure). I found a couple that would have worked, but most of them sounded boring and blah and then I found Bloody Mary Stew. I got really excited because growing up a crazy homeschooled kid, I had a huge obsession with the Queen “Bloody” Mary of England. I was always obsessed with dead queens but she fascinated me (her and Queen Elizabeth I.) Anyway, I decided to make it. I made a grocery list, checked the cabinets to see what I already had (or someone else had…aka spices), and cleaned the kitchen so I would have clean workspace. I also decided to make my “famous” Fluffy Bread (I will talk about that in the next post). So, while I ran to the store, I set the dough to rise.

Shopping turned out to be a bit of challenge. I don’t grocery shop that often here simply because I hate buying food that seems awfully expensive and since I’m not rolling in the dough, I refuse to buy things and make an actual list. Probably not the healthiest route, but it works for the moment. It took me a full hour to find the onion soup mix in an envelope, and I nearly cried at the price of barley. I somehow managed to keep the price relatively low but the dang barley killed me (next time, I will buy rice). I will probably never buy barley ever again. On top of all of this, it was spitting rain outside on the way there and back, so I biked in the rain. The roads were slippery so I actually said a little prayer just in case I was hit by a car. Thankfully, even though two cars almost hit me due to them NOT STOPPING at the red light, I survived.

When I got home, it was raining a bit harder and I desperately started searching for my keys. I could not find them. I did not want to call someone to get me especially Sam since I always make fun of him for misplacing his keys. I searched for a good ten minutes in the rain. Finally understanding that my keys were supposedly not there, I humbled myself and called Sam. I snapped at the phone hoping he’d actually answer since he often doesn’t have his phone on him. I could have called Kat, but I wasn’t sure if she was home. Miraculously after 10 agonizing seconds, he answers. He came down the stairs with a smug look on his face and if he hadn’t been helping me out, I might have attempted to clobber him. After I gave him the satisfaction of letting him know I failed, he was nice enough to carry all of my groceries, my backpack full of more groceries and came back down to get my bike. So, thanks Samuel.

Cooking also proved to be a challenge. I had never cubed meat before in my life, I couldn’t figure out how to make horseradish and then Sarah told me that I couldn’t make it. I got overly confident at one point and let my cubed pork simmer on high and then I looked away for two seconds and all of my water was gone and my pork burned. I was very upset. I managed to cook my bacon pretty good but the bacon I bought left no bacon drippings which I needed to brown my breaded pork in. I had to blend the diced tomatoes to make tomato juice, I had to do all sorts of things I did not think was the best idea, but I did it anyway.

I went to bed around 1:30am. The stew I guess tasted pretty good. Sam said that he would say it tasted good even if it tasted bad, so I’m not sure whether people were lying to me or not. Kris liked it though, so that’s all that matters in my book.


Leader 101


Before I came to this internship, I was a leader. I knew what I was doing, I had ideas and a voice that people listened to. I was a leader simply because I made wise decisions in a circle of friends that made not so wise ones. Since I’ve been here, I have only felt lost. I felt stripped of all securities and intelligence the moment I walked through the door and stepped off the plane. I think many people have the potential to be leaders but only when they’re most comfortable because when you’re comfortable and you know people well enough to influence them and guide them, you aren’t challenged by anything. To be a good leader, you need to be challenged.

Small blog post, actually an excerpt from my homework assignment about leadership.

Hopeless Romantic

Lord Byron

Last night was a busy night at work. It was a gorgeous day outside yesterday and naturally everyone wanted to come and get gelato. Gelato milkshakes, gelato sandwiches, gelato in waffle cones, gelato everywhere. Not a single person wanted coffee pizza or espresso, which I was relieved because I am terrible at making sandwiches and haven’t learned to make espresso. Needless to say, we had quite the rush of people and it kept Barb and I on our toes. Which also means we stayed there later cleaning.

Usually, Barb will ask me how I’m doing and just be genuinely curious about my life. Last night, she decided to tell me that I was a hopeless romantic. I guess since I’m always singing along with the crooners and swirling around with the broom after hours and daydreaming while I’m doing dishes means I guess that I’m an obvious candidate for having my heart on my sleeve.

I’ve always had a thing for poetry. I would recite Lord Byron poems to myself late at night. I pretended to hate sappy romantic things but secretly I appreciated them. My mom and I would watch Hallmark movies nonstop every winter knowing full well that the plots were all the same: boy meets girl from his childhood all grown up OR girl is single and needs a date for a holiday dinner, girl and boy get into dumb fights and have a huge misunderstanding such as an ex coming back and forcing a proposal that results in them crying themselves to sleep until a family member or friend makes them meet up and then everything is hunky dory and they live happily ever after.  There you go. You don’t need to watch any Hallmark movies, I just gave you a run down of everything that happens.

I pointed all of this out to her and she laughed and said that someday I will meet someone just as coweyed as I am (wasn’t really sure what that meant) and hopefully just as sweet. I told her I doubt this. She insisted. I love Barb even if she does notice the silly things about me.

And on that cheek, and o’er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!